When I began this class I loved Jane Austen’s novels. Pride and Prejudice was my favorite book and Mr. Darcy was my favorite character. I loved the movie adaptations of Jane’s books as well as the movies about her life. As we come to the end of this class, all of the above is still true, but I have a more complete view, or portrait of Jane Austen.
Jane was brilliant. She wrote entertaining social commentaries with wonderful, romantic characters and plots. She was a woman ahead of her time. She had an extraordinary gift of expressing herself, but she was a normal woman. She was a loving sister and enjoyed time with her large family. She enjoyed writing from a very young age and wrote hilarious and inaugural works before writing her most popular works, her novels. Jane had a good sense of humor, enjoyed reading, plays, and balls. The information I have learned about Jane makes me want to know so much more! I wish more of her letters had been preserved or she had written an autobiography!!
From taking this class I have learned so much about who Jane was and the lasting influence she has had on society. This class has given me so many more insights that I will remember when I reread Jane Austen’s novels. I now have a much more complete view of Jane Austen’s world. These new discoveries will make my future study of Jane that much more fulfilling.
So while I love Jane Austen’s writing as much as ever, this class has made me appreciate her more as an author and as a person.

And so that ends my Austen blog! It’s been fun! 🙂