We all love Christmas, and I’m sure we all have unique, interesting, and heartwarming family traditions that make Christmas special to us. My personal favorite is that my family waits until Christmas Eve to decorate our Christmas tree. We start in the morning, and spend the day eating cookies, listening to Christmas music, and decorating the tree. This way we can keep our tree up and looking beautiful for a while after Christmas. After that, we go to Christmas Eve Mass, and then spend the evening at my Grandparents home, where we exchange gifts with my extended family. Just writing this is making me excited!! For this weeks blog, I chose to take a look at some of the Christmas traditions that were popular during the Regency. I found one very interesting one that I thought I would share with you.

A British woman contributed to an issue The New Monthly Magazine in 1825. She wrote that her favorite Christmas tradition was sitting around  a large fire with her family and friends. She said that other aspects of the holiday, such as food, were not necessary, but that a huge, blazing fire was the visible heart and soul of Christmas. She said the fire represented all the bright thoughts and hope of the season, and that should not be denied them.

As someone who really loves spending time with family and friends during the Christmas season, this image really resonated with me. I think I would have enjoyed a simple Regency Christmas